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Month: February 2011

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Dishonest Sellouts

A word from Tim Keller: Why is it that some Christians who claim to believe in grace turn out to be angry, sarcastic, and reactionary? Tim Keller, pastor of Redeemer Presbyterian in Manhattan, NY, provides an answer: There are two basic narrative identities at work among professing Christians. The first is what I will call […]

all things for good... even depression

All Things for Good… Even Depression

From the great Spurgeon. Timely words on God’s sovereignty in the midst of debilitating depression– “MY DEAR BRETHREN,—I greatly value your prayers, and I feel intensely grateful for that Benjamin’s share in them which is ever my portion. I never consciously needed your intercessions more than I do just now, for I may say with […]

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The Least of These

Today my daughter and I visited a nursing home. To say that it was pleasant is to tell an untruth. The place was, to all of my senses, detestable. Smelly, noisy, and full of hopeless inactivity to be sure; but it was the lifeless despair which most characterized the inmates of that place. My heart […]

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Led By a Little Child

This morning I was brought to worship at the Throne of grace, and a little child led me there.

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A Prayer for Missionaries on Foreign Fields

Father, the fields are white unto harvest and You have mercifully appointed laborers. I thank You for granting them strength—for judging them faithful workmen and appointing them to Your service (1 Timothy 1:12). Prepare therefore, I pray, the place of their service; cause the Word of the Lord to speed ahead and be honored (1 […]

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An Insulting Invitation

One of the most shallow petty things that can be said is that “every cloud has a silver lining.” There are some clouds that are black all through.