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Month: June 2011

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The Work of Weeping and the Labor of a Laugh

It is a difficult thing, you know, to rejoice with those who rejoice. Perhaps for some, it is not; for me it is. To lay aside my own perspective and enter fully into the experience of another is a vulnerable thing, a frightening thing. And what if I am asked to celebrate a blessing bestowed […]

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George Herbert: Marie Magdalene 1633

Marie Magdalene. When blessed Marie wip’d her Saviours feet, Whose precepts she had trampled on before And wore them for a jewell on her head, Shewing his steps should be the street, Wherein she thenceforth evermore With pensive humblenesse would live and tread: She being stain’d her self, why did she strive To make him […]

transient tears

Transient Tears

The lifeless body of Lazarus. The accusing glances of the crowd. The anguished faith of Martha. The cold despair of Mary. And the silent question of them all, "Lord, if You had only come..." Christ, standing on the verge of Lazarus's tomb and resurrection, wept with the tears He would later shed at the brink […]