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The Grief of Parents

The Grief of Parents

Luther wrote, "There are very great and intense emotions that God has... implanted in parents. And if at any time their hearts are wounded by grief or sorrow on account of a misfortune suffered by children, this is a very real plague and a poison for their lives."

Christian Parents Can Have Ungodly Children

Christian Parents Can Have Ungodly Children

In part two in our series on the book, Parents' Groans Over Their Ungodly Children (available on Amazon here), Lawrence begins by laying the groundwork for his conclusion that "it is ordinary for Christian parents to beget unregenerate children." He supports his conclusion via three primary angles: Character qualities of godly parents Character qualities of […]

Parents Groans Over Their Ungodly Children

Parents Groans Over Their Ungodly Children (Part I)

The Christian community, especially the Reformed and Particular Baptist communities, have a dearth of books devoted to certain difficult subjects; domestic violence is one, rebellious children is another. I’m not exactly sure why this is so, but it’s true. It seems like Reformed and Particular Baptist believers should be the primary sources on hard subjects, […]

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The Problem with Waiting

The problem with waiting is that the only part we seem to care about (perhaps because it's the only part that directly concerns us) is the human perspective. Job went faithfully about his life as a slanderous tongue spoke above him (Job 1:6-12; 2:1-4). Elisha's servant was blind to the hosts (2 Kings 6:15-17) just […]