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“It’s Hard Not to Notice”

Some things have a way of forcing the issue; of thrusting the truth before my heart—the truth that I should have known all along. Or perhaps I did know and simply chose to ignore it. Pride is stubborn that way.

This truth in this piece by Petra Hefner made me want to weep. “Lord be merciful to me, a sinner…” (Luke 18: 9-14)

It’s hard not to notice the pious

arrogance claiming to point to Him, yet ever
pointing to the great created thing, itself

bragging about all His great grace right

alongside all the great, great things
which the created thing (thinking itself
to be quite great because of His great grace)
has created and can create.

And the created thing, perceiving
all things good to be of His great grace
and for its own great benefit, pronounces over all
great things how greatly pleased it is to please
the great Giver of such great providence. read more…

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