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Looking to the Father for All Things

Greg Lucas has a humbling post on the true hope of every believer.

All of this separation, heartbreak and uncertainty continually reminds us of of one thing–our desperate and absolute dependence on the One who cares for our son better than we could ever care for him ourselves.

God has proven one thing to us over and over again throughout Jake’s life: He loves our son more than we could ever love our son. And what encourages us most is that God’s amazing and continual love for this vulnerable boy is not only seen in the difficult life of our son, it is ultimately seen in gospel–the sacrificial death of God’s Son.

And while I’m at it, let me also commend Lucas’s book to you. Thoughtful, earnest, and well-written,Wrestling with an Angel deals frankly with the topic of suffering while offering readers a close-up glimpse of how redemption sometimes appears this side of heaven’s rest.

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