diapsalmata navbrand

Majesty Mingled with Mud

Lord, the dust on Your feet mingled with the oil from the jar, and the hard heart of humanity scowled at it all. You were here with us, one of us; majesty mingled with mud. ‘Twas mercy called You hence — yes and justice that answered. For, marred in the deadly grapple with sin, the collective corpse of Adam’s kin lay silent, still before Your throne; dead until, with a sigh that encompassed the stench of death, Christ took up the dermal robes of our fleshy disgrace. And climbing the hill to do battle with sin, You won life for us at the intersection of a Cross. Yes, life for us from the death of Your Son. Three days He lay there; three days in the belly of the earth. Until — the stirring of the sheet signaled triumph and the shroud became a banner, ensign of the highest exaltation. And with the first breath of the last Adam, Man too, arose, enlivened in the grip of an undeserved grace.

I love You Lord, because You first loved me, because You love me still, and because one day You will wash away the dust of this frail mortality and bid my unclothed soul to rise. Then You will take me to Yourself forever. I am speechless in the wake of such love…

You did find me, though I did not perceive it. You came subtly, softly, unswervingly through the darkness and gripped me with a ruthless grace. I praise You my Shepherd. You did find me. And You hold me still.

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