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Benjamin Warfield and the Question of Christ's Subordination

Benjamin Warfield and the Question of Christ’s Subordination

The subject of the Trinity has been a continual point of contention for some years now. To further complicate matters, many complementarians have made Christ’s subordination a sort of ground zero of orthodoxy. In other words, believe in the authority of God the Father and the eternal submission of the Son, or you can’t be […]

Behold the Father's Tolerance of Us

Behold the Father’s… Tolerance of Us?

In re-reading Sinclair Ferguson’s fantastic book, “The Whole Christ”, I stumbled upon the following fantastic passage. This is such an important point, especially as it pertains to the debate over Eternal Submission of the Son (ESS) or as some call it, the Eternal Functional Subordination of the Son (EFS). The Father’s will is not distinct […]