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The Underestimated God

From my friend Petra at This Good Steward, a link  to an incredible message by Ligon Duncan. For anyone who (like me) has experienced darkness and doubt — sheer depression and the “why God?!” that billows from an overtaxed soul, there is comfort (and hope!) for you. The Underestimated God : Together for the Gospel

“The story of Elijah is the story of a man of power no one except Moses himself had this kind of a ministry of power until this date… and this man yearned for good and great things and he served the Lord courageously and yet he knew what it was to walk in this world, right up to the end of his life with his hopes utterly dashed. He knew what it was to have his every dream lost but he also  can testify to you of the ruthless, compassionate pursuing grace of God in which He relentlessly goes after [His servants] for His glory and for their everlasting joy…”

Thanks again Petra; this message easily rates as one of my all-time favorites!


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